Film professionals and celebrities gather at the 7th Asian Film Awards as MYSTERY wins Best Film

Celebrating the achievements of Asian cinema
The Philippines claim both Best Actor and Actress Awards

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Hong Kong, 18 March 2013 Today, the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) hosted the eagerly awaited 7th Asian Film Awards ceremony at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, which saw 14 prestigious awards, People’s Choice Awards, together with two special awards – go to distinguished films from the region. Directed by famous filmmaker LOU Ye, MYSTERYstood out from the assortment of star-studded movies at the show, taking home the award for Best Film of the year. Likewise, the incredible acting skills of Eddie GARCIA and Nora AUNOR earned them Best Actor and Best Actress awards for their roles in BWAKAW and THY WOMB. Dozens of prominent figures from Asia’s film industry were gathered at the ceremony this evening to express their overwhelming admiration and praise for the winners.

Many talented film professionals from Asia were also recognised for their creativity and exceptional talents at the 7th Asian Film Awards, which attracted attention from around the globe. KITANO Takeshi won the award for Best Director for his widely acclaimed film OUTRAGE BEYOND. For his eye-catching performance in TALAASH: THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN, Nawazuddin SIDDIQUI took home the award for Best Supporting Actor, while QI Xi from MYSTERY won for Best Newcomer, garnering the film a total of three awards, including one for Best Screenwriter.

Each year, the Asian Film Awards is one of the most reputable film-industry events in all of Asia. A brilliant ensemble of stars, international film professionals and film-industry luminaries attended tonight’s event, including the 7th AFA Jury President Andy LAU, Annie LIU, Anthony WONG Chau-Sang, Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL, Cory YUEN, Deanie IP, Donny DAMARA, Eddie GARCIA, Eman LAM, Eugene DOMINGO, Fiona SIT, Gigi LEUNG, GWEI Lun-Mei, HU Jun, HUANG Yu-Hsiang, KAM Kwok-leung, KIM Ko-eun, LAM Ka-tung, Mabel CHEUNG, Max ZHANG, Sammo HUNG, Sylvia CHANG, Tony YANG Youning, WONG Jing, XU Zheng, YON fan, YUAN Quan, YUEN Wo-ping, ZHAO Tao, host of the Award Ceremony Archie KAO, Maria CHEN, Mandy LIEU and many more.

“The 7th Asian Film Awards are one of Asia’s grandest cinematic events, reflecting the hard work being accomplished by many talented individuals throughout the region every year,” said Roger GARCIA, Executive Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society. “Congratulations to all of tonight’s award winners, and a big thanks for their contributions and support of Asia’s film industry. Today’s results have proven that Asian cinema is more prosperous than ever, as there are outstanding masterpieces coming from many different regions. I believe that Asian cinema is becoming a force to be recognised in the international film world more so now than ever before.”

The final award winners from the 7th AFA are:

Best Film

  • MYSTERY(Mainland China)

Best Director

  • KITANO Takeshi ― OUTRAGE BEYOND(Japan)

Best Actor

  • Eddie GARCIA ― BWAKAW (The Philippines)

Best Actress

  • Nora AUNOR ― THY WOMB(The Philippines)

Best Newcomer

  • QI Xi ― MYSTERY(Mainland China)

Best Supporting Actor


Best Supporting Actress


Best Screenwriter

  • MEI Feng / YU Fan / LOU Ye ― MYSTERY(Mainland China)

Best Cinematographer

  • Touraj ASLANI ― RHINO SEASON(Iraqi Kurdistan / Turkey)

Best Production Designer

  • Bahman GHOBADI / Daryoosh PEIRO ― RHINO SEASON(Iraqi Kurdistan / Turkey)

Best Composer

  • Pritam CHAKRABORTY ― BARFI!(India)

Best Editor


Best Visual Effects

  • Farbod KHOSHTINAT ― RHINO SEASON(Iraqi Kurdistan / Turkey)

Best Costume Designer

  • MAN Lim-chung ― THE SILENT WAR(Mainland China / Hong Kong)

The winners of the special awards of the 7th AFA are:

The Excellence in Asian Cinema Award

  • Michelle YEOH

2012’s Top-Grossing Asian Film Award

  • Lost in Thailand

People’s Choice Awards for “My Favourite Actor”

  • Eddie GARCIA ― BWAKAW(The Philippines)

People’s Choice Awards for “My Favourite Actress”

  • CHO Min-soo ― PIETA(South Korea)

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7 April 2013


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7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies (Taiwan)

7 April 2013


STAR Chinese Movies Legend (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Macau)

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